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Class will be October 3-9 2010. The location is just west of Providence, KY at Tradewater Outfitters. This is a first class lodge and property. We will have 10,000 acres to learn and sharpen our trapping skills on.

This year will be different from last year. We are changing the format to better fit your specific needs. Our school will be ran more along the lines of a college. You will let us know ahead of time the classes and instructors you wish to learn from. You will attend the classes that meet your needs and interests. We hope that you will receive the maximum amount of value for your investment. If you are more interested in predators, you can spend most of your week on coyotes, cats and fox. If you are interested in beaver and otter, you can spend a large amount of your time on these water animals. If you want to spend a majority of your time on ADC work and exclusion, then you can drill down on your ADC business.  We are going to this format for one simple reason, we want you to spend your time learning what you want to learn, not what the crowd is doing.

This year we are fired up to expand the ADVANCED TRAPPER’S SCHOOL to include a lot of wildlife control classes. If you are, or want to be, in the Animal Damage Control, you will be able to learn and take instruction from true ADC professionals.  Not only will we teach you how to catch the animals your customers need you to catch, we will also cover exclusion. Exclusion is the other half of the profit base for any ADC business. You will learn a lot of real world lessons that our instructors have learned in the trenches

SOME OF THE TOPICS THAT MAY BE COVERED: ADC and ADC business principles, coyote trapping, bat control, bobcat trapping, advanced cage trapping, dry land coon trapping, red wolf trapping, deer trapping, mink and rat trapping, long lining, squirrel control, wolfer methods, beaver trapping and snaring, otter trapping and snaring, nest predator control, covering wildlife research, snaring, snare building, bird control, killing snares, kill poles, dog proof coon traps, baits and lures, studying night vision footage and application, advanced coyote trapping, working with night vision scopes, live market snaring, live market trapping, water trapping coon, snaring cats, fur handling for max profit, snaring coyotes, dirt hole sets, flat sets, blind sets, back to basic trapping skills, urban raccoon, trap modifications, scouting and pre baiting, equipment, turtle trapping, advanced locations, speed snaring, advanced fox trapping, 1,000 coon a year methods, 1,000 beaver a year methods, art of dragging, beating the rain and frozen ground conditions, natural sets and much, much more. 

Our instructors are top notch and are all real world professional trappers. We are always looking for the right trappers to teach the right class. For this reason, we might have more instructors than listed

* Red O'Hearn - catches over 1,000 coon a year. Also catches over 400 beaver and 200 mink a year. He is a road trapper, professional beaver control operator, and turtle trapper.

* Slim Pederson - I'm not sure what I can say here, he is first class. He has worked for the USDA in the west performing coyote control. He has also caught 238 bobcats in a single year. Now he performs predator control and GA. Slim is a master trapper that has a lot to offer any trapper wanting to catch more fur. *** Slim wanted everyone to be in the loop. He is planning on coming, but he wanted everyone to know that there is a slight chance that his boss may pull something out of the air at the last moment. He wants this to be clear to the students.***

* Joey Vandyke - Joey is a full time control and fur trapper. He catch's Red Wolves for the government and flat piles up beaver, otter, cats, coyotes and fox. Joey has years of live market experience for you to draw from. 

* Newt Sterling - Newt is a master snareman and turtle trapper. If you are into snaring, you will gain a ton of knowledge from Newt.

* Clint Locklear - A full time predator control operator that traps all over the county for clients. He has also caught 1,102 beaver in a year, 51 otter in two weeks, 314 coon in two weeks and 84 bobcats in 6 weeks.

* Scott Adams - a full time control operator and numbers fur taker. Last year he took over 50 coon on opening day of the season. He also performs urban coyote control and other urban trapping in OH.

* Nick Bowers - a retired fur buyer and master water trapper. You will be able to learn the skin game from someone that has been there and done that. You will learn how to take numbers of mink and rats from Nick in the water or on land.

* Will Roberts - Is another full time predator control man that also does beaver control. He eats and sleeps coyotes!

The cost for the school is $1,200.00 A deposit of $600 will hold you a slot to the Advanced Trappers School. It is on a first come, first serve basis up to 40 students.

*** For last year’s students that want to return this year, your cost is $1,000.00 with a $500.00 deposit.


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